With heartbeats in a stone nest, proud of the fishing traditions, is sparkling with the atmosphere in which at the first hand of the hand every guest becomes a neighbor and a friend! A place near the ancient Pula, the starting port for the Brijuni Islands – a national park with attributes of the Earth’s Paradise – Fažana with its beaches, pine forests, long sea strolls, beachfront restaurants, the right place for rest and recreation. The magic that was noticed by the poet and director Pier Paolo Pasolini is part of the spontaneity of life, hospitality and constant welcome!

Melita Peroković
Director of the Tourist Board


This fishing village is the most beautiful place to experience near the harbor, where you will first hear the stories of sailors and fishermen who will talk about their fishery happiness and abundance. If you allow yourself to sit on one of the many terraces and try some of the gastronomic specialties, you will keep memories in this place for a lifetime.

After that, walk to the parish church of St. Kuzme and Damjan and the Romanesque church of Our Lady of Carmel, where you will get to know more about the art and history of the country.

From Fazana to Valbandon and back – all along the waterfront – and then to Pineta: here is a choice for a breathtaking breath-taking walk and a story of the sea waves, with a silent whisper of Fažana’s blessing. In Fazana you have to peek into the maze of small squares and alleys, hear the rhythm of everyday life with the scents of the kitchen. While the boats are rocking with two frogs, while the fishermen knit their nets or paint overlapped boats, the scent of roasted fish, seafood ribbons, with the whistling of glass at the tables, mixes with the scum of the galaxy, which glimpses in the water near the harbor.

With a view of Brijuni, with the hinterland of Mediterranean vegetation, with a sandy beach that enters the sea, Fažana invites you to the first espresso, the daytime refreshment and the evening drink …